[time-nuts] KD2BD WWVB receiver/decoder in QEX

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Sun Nov 22 16:05:53 EST 2015

> I’d have to guess that the PLL would behave better given a 60 kHz reference
> rather than a 1 Hz one. But how stable is that 60 kHz reference after going
> through, what, a thousand miles of ionosphere or so? 

One of the reasons for using 60 kHz is to avoid the ionosphere.  If you 
measure the propagation delay, it should be stable.

If you have any interest in holdover type operations, you probably will end 
up with a digital memory. and DAC feeding the VCO.  Once you do that, the 
reference frequency for the PLL isn't very important.

It would be interesting to measure the propagation delay over a day or week, and watch the PLL error voltage over a scale of seconds or minutes.

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