[time-nuts] Using the HP 58503a to correct your PC clock

Ron Ott ronott at sbcglobal.net
Thu Aug 4 02:43:10 EDT 2016

Thanks. Although I'm brand new here, I've seen some posts talking about Lady Heather (some with amusing suggestions) and will look into it. Might just be what I need. I'm working with NTP right now, using Dimension 4, after having discovered D4's history info.
Thanks again, Ron

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Lady Heather has the ability to set the system clock from any just about any GPS receiver.  It can set the clock every day, hour, minute, or when system time and receiver time diverge by more than "x" milliseconds.  Most stock Windows  systems have a clock granularity of +/- 15.6 milliseconds,  so the default "time set anytime" divergence threshold is  40 milliseconds.

Lady Heather now talks to SCPI devices and has support for the HP5xxxx devices, but I don't have one and have not verified that the program works with them or analyzed their time stamp message arrival time offset.  You can get something like a cheap Ublox GPS module for less than $20 and they work really well.


> This has probably been covered in the past, but is there a way correct or control a PC (Windows 7) clock with the HP 58503A GPS receiver?
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