[time-nuts] Using the HP 58503a to correct your PC clock

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 4 13:24:31 EDT 2016

Probably the best way for most people to keep their clock accurate is to use something like NTP with a local GPS receiver  that provides a 1PPS signal that you can get into your computer (not always an easy thing to do and get working properly).  Done properly, this can get you into the micro-second area.

The next best way is something like NTP with only an internet connection...  this gets asymmetric network path timing errors into play.  This can get you into the millisecond area.

Finally, if you have no net connection or 1PPS signal into your computer or your device can't run NTP,  you have to resort to poor man kludges like using Lady Heather to periodically sync your system clock.   This gets you into the 10's of millisecond area...  plus your system clock probably won't be monotonically increasing.


I'm working with NTP right now, using Dimension 4, after having discovered D4's history info.

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