[time-nuts] Looking to find an antenna for a TrueTime XL-DC

Rick Jones rick.jones2 at hpe.com
Thu Aug 4 19:10:57 EDT 2016

I have been bequeathed a TrueTime XL-DC, Model 151-601-1, serial number 
1671 per a sticker on the side.  On the back, on the right as one faces 
the back, is a small sticker that says "Down Conv. Req'd"

Unsurprisingly, it has arrived without an antenna.  If the original 
antenna still exists, it is on a building roof in Ft. Collins Colorado 
and is likely effectively lost.  (I'm in Sunnyvale, CA)

HalM was kind enough to come over the other day with some antennae which 
we tried without success.  Since then I've done a bit of web searching 
and come across:


It seems to be a part that was (also) included in a larger down/up 
conversion product, the 140-6150.  I was wondering if the naive 
assumption that "TrueTime down conversion is TrueTime down conversion" 
and the sticker on the back of the DC-XL might mean the 140-615 antenna 
would work with the DC-XL?

thanks muchly,

rick jones
intrigued member of the peanut gallery

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