[time-nuts] Austron 2010B (disciplined OCXO) square wave conversion

Ruslan Nabioullin rnabioullin at gmail.com
Sat Aug 6 03:00:04 EDT 2016

Hi, I recently bought an Austron 2010B, a disciplined OCXO standard with 
adjustable disciplining parameters, for use as a clean-up oscillator and 
a decent fallback to my Ball MRT-H, a rubidium standard.  I figured that 
the quartz standard's 1 Mhz and 5 MHz outputs are fine---the former is 
exactly what my Truetime 814-149, a time code generator, needs for 
eventually providing PPS output to my SPARC-based NTP server, and the 
latter can be doubled, amplified, and distributed, all with a single 
distribution amplifier unit, for use as a timebase for transmitters and 
lab instruments.  Only later did I realize that for some bizarre reason, 
all of the outputs are square wave, not sinusoidal!  Great.

Any ideas on the likely reason that the unit was engineered with only 
square wave outputs?  Obviously this will render division to PPS 
trivial, but all of the applicable equipment that I've encountered use a 
sinusoidal reference, not a square one, so it doesn't seem prudent to 
exclude sine.  And naturally, what is the most prudent course of action 
in this situation?  I'd rather use something prebuilt than building my 
own converter, but all the distribution amplifiers I've looked at lack 
such a conversion feature, and I'm unsure whether plain square to sine 
converters are suitable for such time/frequency metrology applications.

Thanks in advance,

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