[time-nuts] Venus838LPx-T preliminary testing

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 15 16:26:38 EDT 2016

Navspark claims the 10 MHz signal is very accurate frequency-wise (1E-9), but has poor jitter characteristics and if you need low phase noise you need to add a cleanup PLL.  Their website has flash videos of the output, but all wise people have hopefully removed flash support from their systems since it is a horrible security risk.

Lady Heather can configure the secondary PPS signal on the Venus timing receivers (also the primary PPS signal on the standard receivers .  Programmable PPS / timepulse signals are also supported on the Ublox and NVS receivers .  Motorola receivers can be programmed for a 100 PPS output.

A good replacement for a Jupiter receiver on a Miller GPSDO design might be a $6 Navspark Mini with the 1PPS signal programmed for 10 KHz (but I have not checked to see how accurate the output is when programmed for 10 KHz).

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