[time-nuts] Oscillator Phase Noise: A 50-Year Review

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Yes, a good book ! Ulrich 
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Rick  wrote:

> It has always irked me that no credit was given to  Edson
> He is the proverbial "unsung hero"

Hardly unsung.   Harvard PhD Sigma Xi as a Gordon McKay Scholar, 
distinguished career at  Bell Labs, Illinois Institute of Technology, 
Bell Labs Radio Research  Laboratory, Georgia Institute of Technology, 
Georgia Tech Research  Institute, Stanford (working with Fred Terman, as 
he had at RRL), Stanford  Electronics Research Laboratory, GE, founded 
Emtech, Stanford Research  Institute, IEEE Life Fellow.

Edson was very well-known and  well-respected in his day, but he didn't 
publish much.

To this day,  I still refer to "Vacuum-Tube Oscillators" regularly -- 
over 60 years  since it was published!

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