[time-nuts] Oscillator Phase Noise: A 50-Year Review

jimlux jimlux at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 7 21:58:27 EDT 2016

On 8/7/16 4:13 PM, Bob Camp wrote:
> Hi
> I have seen several other attempts in the past few decades to write “history” papers in the context
> of IEEE proceedings. They (unfortunately) always seem to turn into a set of personal recollections
> rather than a proper history. It would be *very* useful to have a complete trace of who did what and
> when in some of these areas. We seem to be very poor at doing all the (very) heavy lifting involved
> in getting that done. This is hardly unique to this field. It is very typical in a lot of tech areas, and has
> been for at least a few hundred years ….

I find that some of the best summaries of "previous work" are found in 
the second section of a PhD dissertation: you have to describe all the 
previous work, so you can say why your work is something new and 
different.  And putting together a good summary is "your job" as opposed 
to "something on the side" which would be the case for most working 

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