[time-nuts] Safely getting the electrical length of a connected antenna feedline

Brooke Clarke brooke at pacific.net
Tue Aug 9 16:10:54 EDT 2016


Another option is so Google for a "Breakout board" for the IC you're looking to work with.  People like Spark Fun, Seed 
studio, &Etc make these.
It's a board that holds the chip and the needed accessory parts, but needs something else like an Arduino.

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>> Yes, a board with the required footprint would be the way to go.  Where does one find that?
> You can have small PCBs made for $3 each.
> There are places here in the US that will do PCBs for $3/square inch
> with a one square inch minimum.   basicpcb.com sone of these.
> It is not hard to design a basic "carrier board" that has just one
> chip's footprint and maybe a decoupling capacitor and a 0.1" header
> connector.   Many times the chip's data sheet will have an example PCB
> layout you can borrow that will fit in a one square inch board.

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