[time-nuts] Subject: Re: Working with SMT parts (Bob Albert)

Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Thu Aug 18 18:32:54 EDT 2016

The Chinese are certainly using a lot of solder paste, so they
are a source.  I tend to buy mine from Mouser, Digikey, TekSource,
places like that.

The last stuff I bought was made by Kester, and came from TekSource.

The only problem with using the real sources is in the summer, they
will pack your paste in an ice pack, and send it over night unless
you insist otherwise (and absolve them of any warranty).  That kind
of shipping is very expensive.

And, there is absolutely no possible way the paste you get from
China is going to make it here and follow the manufacturer's
guidelines for safe handling.  So, even if you buy new and pay
a premium price from China, you are getting paste that is expired
by the poor handling (not refrigerated).

I would bet that any paste you get on ebay is expired, for a variety
of reasons.

Also, I only buy tin/lead, though it is getting very hard to find.
It works so much better than lead free.

-Chuck Harris

Bob Albert via time-nuts wrote:
> Well I have found some Chinese sources of 42 - 50 grams on ebay for around $3.  Is
> this the right stuff?  The brand is Mechanics.
> Bob

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