[time-nuts] SR620 Problem

Don@True-Cal truecalservices at gmail.com
Mon Aug 29 12:56:02 EDT 2016

Hello All,


I'm looking for someone that has repair experience on the SR620 TIC. I have
a failed unit that has previously worked perfectly for many years while
running continuously on my lab bench. The failure occurred after a very
dirty mains power failure during a storm. There was no other evidence of a
severe lightning strike so I suspect just a major power line glitch. I have
a second unit so time to repair is not critical. I have checked and
confirmed all of the power supplies and eliminated all of the easy fix
scenarios already. The major symptom is absolutely no display of indicators
or readout (unit looks to be off), -DROPOUT form the PS is ok. I believe the
loss of LED and display is from the processor stopped U131B flop. I don't
have sufficient confidence, let alone spare IC to delve into the processor
chain. Is there someone in the US with this experience that I can send this
unit to for repair. Being retired and all this just being a major hobby
makes repair cost a big concern.



Don J.

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