[time-nuts] HP53131A RS232 question

cdelect at juno.com cdelect at juno.com
Fri Dec 2 12:54:28 EST 2016


I have not played with my 53131A RS232 for a couple years and have a
I want to configure it to "talk" to Hyperterminal so I can log some
I did the 5 items to configure it:
HW pacing (disabled)
print on
baud rate (19200)
SW pacing (none)

with a 5Mhz input I only get data sent about once every 3 seconds, I
thought with  a 1 second gate I'd get an  output measurement every

I would think there is plenty of time to output the first measurement
before the next one is read!

Actual setup I'm wanting to do is time interval (at a 1PPS rate) and log
the results.

I remember I had it working once and it would be OK as long as I did not
exceed around 80% of full scale.
If that happened I would only get an output logged every other second.

I can live with that part but need to get back to it working below around

Any advice is most welcome!

I'm going to configure for the TI and <80% and see what happens.



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