[time-nuts] Lady Heather Version 5 is now available

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat Dec 10 12:09:08 EST 2016

Lady Heather version 5.0 is now available for download from:

Many thanks to John Miles for hosting the distribution and his work on the 
Windows installer, PDF documentation file, readme file, and bring an 
all-around good guy.

Heather now has some proper user documentation.  Check the heather.pdf file 
and/or the comments in the first 3500+ lines of the heather.cpp file. 
Heather can be compiled for Linux (including the Raspberry Pi) and macOS. 
Download the heatherx11.zip file and check the readme.txt file for 
compilation instructions.

There are MANY new features in Heather.  One of the main ones is support for 
many new receiver types.  When Heather is started it defaults to attempting 
to automatically determine the receiver type.   You can bypass this and 
force the receiver type using the new "/rx..." command line options.  Some 
receiver types cannot be auto-detected.  Also many receivers power up 
speaking NMEA and you can enable their native binary language using the /rx 
commands.  Native binary mode gives better information and allows 
controlling the receiver configuration and settings.

Many thanks for that, Mark and John.  Working nicely on my Win-10/64 PC 
taking USB data from a Garmin GPS 60CSx being shared as a virtual COM port 
via Franson's GpsGate.

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