[time-nuts] Lady Heather Version 5 is now available

John Miles john at miles.io
Sun Dec 11 17:12:54 EST 2016

> It seems during the install at least on Windows 10 that it does not give the
> full permissions to the files. I just gave the folder the correct permissions
> after the isntall. If you go to help, at the bottom of the screen  it tells you
> where during the install another copy of the heather.cfg was installed. You
> should be able to read/write this copy. At least that was my experience
> during installing.

I'm not sure what might be going on here, but one thing that tripped me up personally was that some options I was using in both my old heather.cfg file and my command-line shortcut were changed between V3 (which is what I was running before) and V5.  If you somehow get into a situation where LH V5 is trying to load an older config file, you may need to track down that file and modify or delete it.

In general, make sure you run the LH setup program while logged in as the same user that will run the app.  Currently the installer always writes heather.cfg to the current user's documents folder (e.g., c:\Users\johnm\Documents).  If you have a separate admin user on your system and you launch the installer under that account, heather.cfg may end up in a different directory.   That, in turn, may leave an older copy of heather.cfg  lying around for the program to find.

Still another thing to watch out for, now that heather.cfg is an officially-installed file, is that subsequent reinstallations of LH will overwrite any changes you've made to heather.cfg.  So you may want to make a backup if you need to reinstall for any reason after making extensive changes to heather.cfg.  

Future builds will solve both of these problems by having the program itself create heather.cfg the first time it's run, if the file isn't already present in {userdocs}.  That's really the only right way to install .cfg/.ini files in Windows-land, but neither of us got around to implementing that for the initial V5.00 release.

-- john, KE5FX
Miles Design LLC

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