[time-nuts] OT: ExpressPCB (cross-post from volts-nuts)

Chris Albertson albertson.chris at gmail.com
Mon Dec 12 18:14:27 EST 2016

Lowest price I've found is BasicPCB.com  They charge $3 per square
inch for 2 layers with mask and legend.  Minimum is three boards of 1
square inch.   So you actually can place a $9 order with them.  They
are a USA based company.

They accept standard Gerber files.   This is very imported as a few
others like PCBexpress make you use their proprietary layout software
and then you are locked into that company for production runs too.
You need a workflow that uses Gerber files

One thing I'm doing is converting a small mill to CNC operation.  I'm
doing this to make metal parst but a secondary use is that I hope to
be able to make at least simple PCBs for larger parts.

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