[time-nuts] LH Z3801 and XP stalling

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 15 20:08:08 EST 2016

Letting the monitor sleep is usually OK.  All my systems are set to do that.

Letting the hard drive sleep is also usually OK,  even if you are logging stuff to disk...  the disk writes should make the OS aware that programs are using it and reset the timer (but then were talkin' Microsoft here... all bets are off... they are probably stupid enough to turn off the drive when programs are talking to it).    All my systems have SSD's so there's not much  point in spinning them down.  Frankly spinning down a real hard drive is a bad idea... spinup/spindown is where drives die.

it's when you let the system sleep/hibernate is where really things go wonky.  If the processor goes beddy-bye,  communications go away,  and with SCPI devices the world stops spinning.


> I did have the HD set to spin down and monitor to
sleep. Turned both on to see if it gets past the 45 minute mark. Then see
what actually is the issue if it does.

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