[time-nuts] LH Z3801 and XP stalling

Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Fri Dec 16 16:10:49 EST 2016

Not meaning to beat this dead horse any farther than
I have to, but it worked fine under Windows XP, 7, and
Linux.  It only came to have a problem after the
Windows 10 upgrade the MS forced on the machine one
summer day.  The cure was to shut off the power saving

OBTW, the hub of which I spoke is part of the motherboard
on the Dell computer.

-Chuck Harris

jimlux wrote:
> On 12/16/16 6:33 AM, Chuck Harris wrote:
>> A customer's 'doze 7 computer got auto updated to 'doze 10,
>> and with that upgrade came a usb hub that timed out, turning
>> itself off.... the only problem was, the keyboard and
>> mouse were on that hub, leaving no way to signal the computer
>> to turn the hub back on.
> That's a non-compliant hub.  Part of the complexity in hub design is that it's
> supposed to have the ability to "turn off (most) power to downstream devices" and
> "turn off (most) power to hub", but still trickle enough power through the tree that
> a leaf node can send the "wakeup" message back up the tree.

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