[time-nuts] GALILEO online: any changes seen?

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Dec 16 05:13:09 EST 2016

David, several of your satellite count graphs show a slow upward trend
throughout this calendar year, with a bump up for the month of October,
falling back down for part of November, then another step up at the
beginning of December.


This is particularly clear on the graph labeled "u-blox MAX-M8Q" on
"RasPi-10", showing a sharp uptick since December 1.

Could this be Galileo or hard to say?

Or maybe just leaves falling off of the trees? :-)

Tim N3QE


Thanks for looking!

There have been a number of antenna moves (all patch antennas located on the 
top storey of a 2-storey building) and relocations of various devices, and 
unfortunately I don't have it well enough documented to comment.

The MAC M8 can receive three systems simultaneously, but what three mine are 
programmed for I don't know.  I suspect it's at least GPS & GLONASS, but the 
third?  Perhaps BeiDou?

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