[time-nuts] Back Time nutting and a GPStar Plus

George Atkinson robertg8rpi at virginmedia.com
Wed Dec 21 16:40:46 EST 2016


I've been absent from the list for a few years. A combination of relocation for
work, and other stuff going on. I'd not stopped altogether though. I have got an
antenna on the new QTH, my Thunderbolt boxed up and running and some other test
equipment sorted.  Any way I randomly typed Odetics into eBay (UK) last week and
a 365 GPStar Plus time source / GPSDO popped up as a BIN. It appeared to be
brand new in the original box and complete apart from the antenna. I made an
offer and won it for under $100. It turned up promptly and sure enough is NOS,
the power connector has never been made off. It's all working, but being a 1995
model it has the Magellen OEM5000 GPS engine so has the wrong date due to the
week rollover issue. Back in 2012 Arthur Dent tried a Zyfer 565 GPStar Plus
EPROM in a later Oncore engined 365 and it all worked. Rob Kimberley confirmed
that this was the only difference between the 1995 Odetics 365 and the current
Zyfer 565. Back then I got a BIN file of the EPROM (thanks Arthur) even though I
had no 365. I burnt a 27C010 last night and the 365 runs with it fitted, but as
expected does not recognise the GPS. So tonight I dug out  Oncore UT+
(R5122U-1153) to make a retrofit. Next step is to identify the connetions to the
GPS module. I have some OEM5000 info and some probing should sort that out. I do
wonder if anyone else has tried this and has the connection information already?
Oh nd as a bonus I will have a spare OEM5000 to retrofit my fully loaded,
including Rb oscillator, 325 SatSync (currently needs a down converter antenna
which I don't have) so I can get that working if I ever get it out of the back
of the garage.

Robert G8RPI.

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