[time-nuts] Using GPSDO as a Refrence for Protable Amateur Radio Microwave Operations

Mike Seguin n1jez at burlingtontelecom.net
Thu Dec 22 06:48:57 EST 2016

On 12/21/2016 2:06 PM, Eric Haskell wrote:
> I am microwave amateur radio operator. A friend was discussing using an
eBay purchased Trimble 57963-D for providing a 10 MHz reference.

As you stated, the time needed for position hold is significant. For my 
microwave gear that needs 10 MHz in the field, I use a Jackson Labs 


It can be run in "mobile" mode. I have used it to discipline gear I run 
up to 241 GHz. Most of the disciplined LO's are Axtal in the 100 MHz 
range. It also supports 'position/hold' mode for use in a fixed position 
such as at home in my shop.

There was a group buy a while back.

Frankly, absolute frequency accuracy is a bit less of an issue than it 
used to be because so many of us now use SDR's for panadapters on 
receive. We can "see" 48/96/192 kHz of bandwidth at once so if a signal 
is off a few kHz and moves a bit, no big deal.

If you are trying to do weak signal digital modes, that's another story.



Mike, N1JEZ
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