[time-nuts] New stuff in my Tindie store

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 26 23:55:44 EST 2016

Simple ain't for time nuts...  I'm taking Heather, a PI, and the PI touch screen and making a GPS disciplined alarm clock.   I hate the alarm clock that I have since to change the time or alarm you have to hold a button and let the time cycle around until it gets to where you want it.  If you go too far,  you have to do it all over again.  It takes a couple of minutes to change a time.  Luckily, I seldom use an alarm clock.  

I'll probably power it through a USB power bank so it has a few hours of battery back-up.  I only need 15 seconds of backup since the house has an automatic standby generator.  I'll probably run it off one of the $5 Sirf-III GPS modules... those things can track GPS down in darkest bowels of Heather's dungeons.

Heather has the GPS, time zone, DST, alarms, clock display (analog and/or digital), etc already in there.  The next version can run  keyboard scripts if you press F1 .. F10 so you can set common alarm times and configs in the scripts and call them up from the on-screen touch keyboard.  Plus it can sing the quarter hours,  crow at sunrise/sunset,  sound church bells at solar noon, etc.

With a net connection / NTP, you don't even need a GPS.  Heather v5 can run a clock display off the CPU clock... but where's the fun in that?  Plus, my bedroom doesn't have the net / wi-fi.


>  The second one will be up next week, and it’s a simple GPS clock

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