[time-nuts] New stuff in my Tindie store

MLewis mlewis000 at rogers.com
Tue Dec 27 11:20:20 EST 2016

According to the builder, it was selling well (he was on version 5 of 
the board). He said he just decided (no feedback) that no one would use 
the dial more than once, so he removed it.

For money talks, I would have thought having a capability to use any 
numeric offset, so it could be used by, hence sell to, anyone, would 
have made sense. And 'for money talks', that's fine for time-nuts 
buying, they'll understand what's involved and that it can and likely 
will get done. For most people, it's a future that may or may not 
happen: most people don't buy futures (kickstarters aside...), they buy 
product. In current design, it's claimed it's not about User Interface, 
but User Experience (UX), where responding & tailoring to how users 
actually use - or want to use - their product or their competitors' 
product matters, instead of the engineers or marketers guessing and 
saying 'here it is, buy it'. But then their goal is "supposed" to be 
creating and getting to market a 'disruptive' product, that everyone 
will want...

On 27/12/2016 10:36 AM, Nick Sayer wrote:
> I’d posit that the builder stopped making the clock that way because 
> it wasn’t selling well.
> In retail, money talks.
> If you want to buy 10 of them, I’ll *happily* add whatever DST and 
> timezone support is required.

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