[time-nuts] New stuff in my Tindie store

MLewis mlewis000 at rogers.com
Tue Dec 27 01:17:59 EST 2016

It's assumptions on how a product will be used that end up ruining so 
many potential products for me.

Like the GPS modules with a PPS pin and people build breakout boards for 
them that either don't use the PPS or use the PPS for flashing an LED, 
but there's no pin nor contact point for grabbing the PPS (who would 
ever use a PPS?), and you (well, I) don't dare drill into a multi-layer 
board to do so.

Another example, happens to be a clock, that would have exactly fit my 
needs back in November. I was keeping in touch between where I am and 
Germany, Dubai, Nepal, Kuala Lumpur, Bali, Thailand, Hong Kong & 
Beijing. There was this great clock, great looking and easy to use. Big 
dial on the front to simply turn to quickly set the UTC offset, which 
would have allowed me to quickly & reliably view my target local time, 
so I could easily judge whether to call/not-call and the length of a 
call. Only that clock was no longer available with that dial. Builder 
decided that people obviously only ever use clocks set to the zone they 
live in, so they'd only ever set it once and leave it, so the dial was 
removed and replaced by a trim on the board. A great looking clock, 
great display, perfect function, made useless for my needs.

Most people can't tweak firmware. Most won't buy/trust a future (like 
adding half- and quarter-hour offsets), that may or may not be 
achievable (most wouldn't know how hard or easy that is), or may or may 
not be done: they just find another product.

Sometimes we need to 'think outside the box', as to how a product will 
be (could be) used.

On 26/12/2016 11:47 PM, Nick Sayer via time-nuts wrote:
> ...I tend to make certain assumptions about market sizes in deciding what priority to apply to feature sets.
> That said, it *is* open source firmware.
> ...
> If a Tongan wants to *actually* buy one, then maybe I’ll roll some custom firmware for him or her. :)

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