[time-nuts] Heather V5 Holdover

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 30 13:36:52 EST 2016

If you started Heather and it shows a holdover time in GREEN,  that means that the receiver's last holdover event was 51 seconds long.  A holdover time in YELLOW, means that  a 51 second holdover occurred while while Heather was running.   A RED value means the receiver is currently in holdover.  

Holdover events show up in the plot area as a red line at the top of the plot.  Things like out-of-sequence time stamps show up as red tick marks at the top of the plot.

Try issuing the keyboard commands:
V0  - (set view interval to 1 second per pixel)
HOME - (moves to the start of the plot data)
Move the mouse cursor into the plot area.
Press '%' to skip the plot forward to the next anomaly.  Repeat the '%' until you get to the end of the plot.
Press END - (move to the end of the plot data)
Press DEL - (exit plot review mode)

The number of satellites being tracked is shown as the CYAN plot at the bottom of the plot area (1 sat per pixel).  You will probably see the sat count drop just before and during the holdover events.


>  I just installed the new version of Heather, she's saying "Holdover:  51
secs"  what's she trying to tell me please?

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