[time-nuts] FPGA SDR? (GnuRadio related)

Ilia Platone info at iliaplatone.com
Fri Dec 30 06:45:06 EST 2016

I got an old valve radio, an Italian Wundercart FM610, not really The 
radio, but I like it because it can receive MW and SW bands in AM 
modulation :), and FM at 88/110MHz of course. an 82-years old electronic 
friend helped me to get it working and I'm so happy for this.

By the way, I read about various Software Defined Radio projects and got 
interested on this. In past I designed a 30MHz SAR ADC/DAC board using 
an FPGA, and wanted to implement this into an SDR project. This is not 
related to my past posts like astronomy or else: it's only for passion 
and knowledge. Can anyone point me on how to interface with a GnuRadio 
software and on how GnuRadio works? Links and documents are well accepted.

Thanks to everybody,
Best Regards,

Ilia Platone
via Ferrara 54
Cattolica (RN), Italy
Cell +39 349 1075999

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