[time-nuts] Lucent boxes

Bill Hawkins bill.iaxs at pobox.com
Mon Jul 18 21:54:56 EDT 2016

No, it does not work, unless you can reprogram the microprocessors. I
speak from experience.

The older boxes used a GPS receiver that reported up to 6 satellites.
The newer boxes report 8.

The messages that report satellite health have different lengths.

If the micro reports an error in the message, the box goes into
"flywheel" mode (aka holdover).

The oscillators are undisciplined, wasting all of that GPS info.

An external PPS signal, if you could couple it in, would be ignored
because the micro won't even try to use it.

Bill Hawkins

Note: I can't reprogram micros with unknown code.

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From: Douglas Baker
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The RFTGm ("m" for miniature even though still a large box) is a later
version of the RFTG line.  The XO unit houses the GPS receiver which is
essential for disciplining.  Both boxes operate at 24 VDC and there is
an interface cable drawing on line at KO4BB's web site. Never tried to
hook them up together, but it might work.  Maybe others here may know.
Good luck with it.
73's Doug
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