[time-nuts] The home time-lab - APC Smart UPS 700

Bob Stewart bob at evoria.net
Mon Jul 25 14:30:53 EDT 2016

I let an older, well-aged GPSDO warm up overnight and then I ran a test with the UPS.  Attached were the PRS*, the GPSDO, and the 5370A.  I didn't notice anything when I removed power.  I did notice about a 450ps phase spike when I plugged the UPS back in some 640 seconds later.  But that was it: one single spike.  And then it was back to business as normal.  It will be interesting to see what happens the next time we get disturbed power here.

That 5370 consumes a Lot of power.  Someone posted instructions recently about swapping in a couple of bucking regulators, which I plan to try soon on one of my units.
*A note about the PRS.  Recently I was concerned that it had an output problem.  I *think* I traced it back to the proverbial "short between the headsets".  Although the output is similar to my GPSDOs, it has a sine wave output, whereas my GPSDOs have a square wave output.  So, it seems that the 5370 needs a slight adjustment to the input levels between PRS and GPSDO.




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