[time-nuts] Trimble Resolution-T GPS timing message arrival times

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 30 18:20:17 EDT 2016

Attached is a plot of the timing message arrival times of the Trimble Resolution-T receiver running in TSIP mode.   Like the Adafruit Ultimate,  its firmware seems to do little to get the timing message out at a fixed reference point.

As Tom pointed out, this is only an issue if you are trying to synchronize or time-stamp something (like a time display) to UTC and cannot make use of the 1PPS signal.   Lady Heather has a "poor mans" NTP-ish function that can set the system clock on a periodic basis or whenever the system time diverges from the receiver time by "x" milliseconds... very handy if you are out in the boonies without a net connection.   Having a receiver with a consistent and known timing message offset is important for maximum accuracy when doing this.  A Windows XP system clock can be kept within 40 msecs of actual time (their time-setting/reading accuracy is +/- 15.6 msecs).
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