[time-nuts] Short-term frequency stability symposium 1964

jimlux jimlux at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 31 10:56:14 EDT 2016

On 7/31/16 3:40 AM, Charles Steinmetz wrote:
> I was looking through my files and found a 1965 NASA publication that
> contains the papers presented at a 1964 IEEE-NASA symposium on the
> short-term stability of oscillators.  It's a wonderful collection of
> seminal papers by most of the usual suspects of the era (see attached
> table of contents).
> I posted it to Didier's site.  It's still in quarantine, but will be
> searchable when Didier moves it into the general population (which could
> take several weeks).  The file name is:
>    "Short-Term Frequency Stability IEEE-NASA symposium NASA SP-80 1965"

Good to have it on Didier's site..

For now, it seems to be available at

However, IEEE could decide at any time to put it behind a paywall.

In theory, you could find it at some NASA NTRS server, but not 
everything is there, and those servers come and go as people freak out 
more or less about export controls, etc.

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