[time-nuts] Short-term frequency stability symposium 1964

Tom Van Baak tvb at LeapSecond.com
Sun Jul 31 08:09:48 EDT 2016

That NASA SP-80 is a classic!

Your upload looks like the 17.5 MB version at:

There's also a (cleaner?) 9.7 MB copy here:

which is part of the excellent collection of historical documents:

Warning - that uffc history site is a real time sink!


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> I was looking through my files and found a 1965 NASA publication that 
> contains the papers presented at a 1964 IEEE-NASA symposium on the 
> short-term stability of oscillators.  It's a wonderful collection of 
> seminal papers by most of the usual suspects of the era (see attached 
> table of contents).
> I posted it to Didier's site.  It's still in quarantine, but will be 
> searchable when Didier moves it into the general population (which could 
> take several weeks).  The file name is:
>    "Short-Term Frequency Stability IEEE-NASA symposium NASA SP-80 1965"
> Best regards,
> Charles

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