[time-nuts] HP 106a oscillator connectors question

cdelect at juno.com cdelect at juno.com
Fri Jun 3 17:04:43 EDT 2016

Well the checkout of the 106A oscillator section is going well.

I ran it for 6 hours and the outer oven came down OK, will have to wait
until I can do a longer attended run for the inner oven as it takes 8 1/2
hours per the manual to come down!

This unit was not built with the fine adjust via an internal pot as shown
in the manual but does have the external EFC jack show. (EFC jack does

After the 6 hours Frequency was within a HZ and could be adjusted. Quit
there until I can find a spot for it to live for an extended test.

Need help identifying the RF connectors on the unit.

They are not SMA but look to be the same diameter. would need two
adaptors or a couple old cables with the matching connector I could
splice into. I had to poke in a wire and use clip leads!


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