[time-nuts] one quick WWII CW story

skipp Isaham skipp025 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 23 01:15:01 EDT 2016

Just one quick WWII CW story while the subject is active. 

I once read a WWII timeline based story of an American ham, then active in the 
military,  testing his radio station transmitter with a string of V's and then quickly signing 
off using his amateur call sign. I believe the story was based that he was in a 
military aircraft in the European Theatre. 

After testing the radio transmitter and antenna system to his satisfaction, signing 
his amateur radio call sign and  returning to receive mode... he was quite surprised 
to receive a quick signal report, the sender of the received signal report quickly signed 
off with his pre-war German call sign. 

I let the source of that story get away many decades past... and I never heard if 
the two hams ever met during or post WWII. 

End of story... resume all skate. 


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