[time-nuts] What would be the proper equipment and procedure?

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Derek moved to Science:


His last Things I Won't Work With was September 2016:



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> I don't know if it the proper way but I used a very nice fume 
> hood.   Measured the metals (high purity),  melted them in a 
> quartz crucible,  stirred with a quartz rod,  and cast it in 
> a ceramic block with a spiral pattern machined into it with a 
> ball mill. You don't want to contaminate the mixture with 
> other metals, etc.
> That "Things I Won't Work With" article was about dimethyl 
> cadmium, not metallic cadmium.  Reall Nasty Stuff.  Metallic 
> cadmium and cadmium plating has been used for ages without 
> killing too many people.  It's not something to take lightly, 
> but I've had the pleasure of working around far worse things.
> For even more extreme nastiness check out dimethyl mercury... 
> one drop, goes through rubber gloves like they aren't there,  
> sure-fire rather horrible death.   Derek Lowe's "Things I 
> Won't Work With" series is some of the best reading out 
> there...  Unfortunately,  I don't think that he is still 
> doing them.  His old web site has disappeared.
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