[time-nuts] I love the smell of tantalum in the morning

Clint Jay cjaysharp at gmail.com
Sun Nov 6 11:53:53 EST 2016

Heating one end and adding a little solder to the joint will allow you to
lift the cap,  the leads are folded over tabs so they'll bend nicely and
allow the cap to lift,  once you've got one end lifted,  heat the other and
it will come away easily.

Clean up the pads with solder wick then you're good to replace the part.

While I'd like an excuse (and the funds)  to buy a pair of tweezers for
SMD,  I'd find it hard to use that job as an excuse.

On 5 Nov 2016 19:12, "Tom Van Baak" <tvb at leapsecond.com> wrote:

> See C13 in the attached photo. I need to replace some blown caps on a few
> boards [1]. In one instance the cap got so hot it melted itself off the
> board. Quiet convenient, actually -- it acts like its own fuse -- but I
> don't think the 5071 designers had that clever feature in mind.
> Having not done SMT before, how should I do it with minimal risk to the
> very precious PCB. Or, what equipment should I use this as a good excuse to
> buy?
> Thanks,
> /tvb
> [0] http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0078788/quotes
> [1] http://leapsecond.com/museum/hp5071a/A1-mother.htm
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