[time-nuts] Do the HP 5334A & 5335A counter/timers take the same oven oscillator?

Dr. David Kirkby (Kirkby Microwave Ltd) drkirkby at kirkbymicrowave.co.uk
Sun Nov 13 18:24:10 EST 2016

Would it be possible to remove an OCXO from an 8334A 100 MHz counter/timer
and fit it in a 8335A 200 MHz counter/timer?

Would the TXCO from the 8335A then fit in the 8334A so that the 100 MHz

Are the OCXOs similar,  identical or incompatible?

I expect a detailed look at the service manuals would answer at least some
of the questions,  but I only have access to a mobile phone now, so are
hoping that someone might know.  In any case, different part numbers might
actually work,  even if not as stable as the correct OCXO.


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