[time-nuts] Do the HP 5334A & 5335A counter/timers take the same oven oscillator?

Richard (Rick) Karlquist richard at karlquist.com
Sun Nov 13 21:26:30 EST 2016

In general, any 10811 with an edge card type connector
in interchangeable in any instrument, in terms of basic
functionality.  The only differences
are that various part numbers in the 10811 family are
selected for certain critical specs.  Certainly, between
the 5334 and 5335, they are interchangeable.  OTOH,
an instrument like the 8662A might not meet phase noise
without the "official" version of 10811.

A 10811 also must work in any 10544 socket, although the
reverse isn't necessarily true.

The 5334A (as opposed to the 5334B that I was the project
manager on) has a poorly regulated power supply that causes the oven
power voltage to drop to only +12V during warmup, which
is supposedly below the +15V minimum and the +20V nominal.
It turns out that +12V is sufficient to cause the oven
to warm up.  It is not sufficient to operate the oven
well in a steady state.  However, once the oven current
cuts back, the power supply voltage goes back up to over
15 volts so everything works.  I fixed this problem in
the 5334B.  I don't know if the 5335 has a similar problem.


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