[time-nuts] UCCM arrived

giuseppe giuseppe at marullo.it
Sun Nov 27 06:03:22 EST 2016

>Most GPS antennas have an LNA built-in, making cable loss less significant. 
>Doesn't your antenna have that?
Sure, specs says:
- Amplifier Gain: 26 dB +/- 3 dB
- Maximum Noise Figure:≤ 2.5 dB @ +25°C including pre-selector
I still have to search a command to check signal strength. 

>For a long term installation, an antenna location that will “see” more sat’s is a really good idea.
Antenna was on the balcony at first floor (european, 2nd floor us) on the balcony, laid there horizontally. Frankly I was not even expecting it to work at all, LOL!  
With a ten feet mast I was able to get eight-nine satellites before having to disconnect it.

A little higher and it should have a perfect sky clearance (a little bit more cable will be needed though, hence the question about length).

Giuseppe Marullo

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Hello to all,
I connected the unit to a 11m of H-155 cable(assumed 4.79dB loss "worst 
case" at 1.5GHz), thrown the GPS antenna on the balcony horizontally and 
this is what I got:
- Given the attenuation (less than 5 dB) do I really need to change the 
cable for something better?
Giuseppe Marullo
Most GPS antennas have an LNA built-in, making cable loss less significant. 
Doesn't your antenna have that?
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