[time-nuts] Lady Heather on MacOS X

Nick Sayer nsayer at kfu.com
Sun Oct 2 22:30:26 EDT 2016

Sorry if this is old hat, but I don’t remember seeing it go by.

I just went through the exercise of getting Lady Heather working on MacOS X.

It’s not a Quartz port - you have to install and run XQuartz for it to work.

One patch to heather.ch was needed:

Right below the include of fcntl.h:


And then this Makefile:

CFLAGS+= -I/opt/X11/include -D__linux__ -Wno-write-strings
LFLAGS+= -L/opt/X11/lib 

all: heather

heather.o: heather.cpp heather.ch heathfnt.ch makefile
	g++ $(CFLAGS) -c heather.cpp

heathmsc.o: heathmsc.cpp heather.ch heathfnt.ch makefile
	g++ $(CFLAGS) -c heathmsc.cpp

heathui.o: heathui.cpp heather.ch heathfnt.ch makefile
	g++ $(CFLAGS) -c heathui.cpp

heathgps.o: heathgps.cpp heather.ch heathfnt.ch makefile
	g++ $(CFLAGS) -c heathgps.cpp

heather: heather.o heathmsc.o heathui.o heathgps.o
	g++ $(LFLAGS) heather.o heathui.o heathgps.o heathmsc.o -o heather -lm -lX11

	rm heather.o heathui.o heathgps.o heathmsc.o heather

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