[time-nuts] Lady Heather on MacOS X

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 2 23:15:37 EDT 2016

I have the next release of Lady Heather working on macOS / OSX.  Seems to work quite well.  The makefile auto-detects Linux or macOS... (stupid Windoze make does not support conditionals so it needs its own makefile).  macOS does use XQuartz for the X11 video/mouse/keyboard stuff.  XQuartz does have a couple of quirks... mainly you can't restore the previous window size if you maximize the window then try to restore it.

I just got through cleaning up the OS support code and decoupled the operating system relevant code (#ifdef WINDOWS,  #ifdef __linux__, and #ifdef __MACH__) code from the video/mouse/keyboard code (#ifdef WIN_VFX and #ifdef USE_X11).  Also made the drawing routines much less display system dependent.  This should make it easier to port to other systems and display managers.  Windows, Linux, and Mac should cover 99.9% of users.   I suspect BSD support would be trivial since mscOS is based on BSD (and Heather only has a couple dozen lines of code specific to macOS).

I also deleted all the old DOS support code.  Heather had gotten way to beefy for that to ever work again.

The next release should be out in a couple of weeks... I'm waiting for a Lucent KS system to come in and verify it works with that,

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