[time-nuts] Moving GPSDO

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Mon Oct 17 02:56:06 EDT 2016

jgray at zianet.com said:
> What about this scenario - the GPSDO has a fixed position on initial
> powerup, but then it is moved periodically or even continuously, without
> updating the GPS coordinates. The distance from the original coordinates
> could be anywhere from close by, to across the state. Periodically, a new
> survey could be run to keep things from getting too far out in left field. 

Most commercial GPSDOs assume they are running at a fixed location and won't 
work very well unless they are near their surveyed location.  Near is 
measured in feet, not miles.  That allows them to work with fewer satellites 
which was important with the GPS receivers in old gear like the TBolt and 

But that's all software/firmware.  If you build your own GPSDO you can use 
whatever GPS receiver you like as long as it puts out a PPS or something that 
you can lock to.

I think Jackson Labs makes some non-survey GPSDOs.
The FAQ says there is a non-survey mode.

You might find something interesting in time-nuts archives from about 2 years 

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