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Hoi Ulrich,

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> The Parzen book was on my list (Amazon ), I find these books,  including 
> Rhea's book practically useless as they do not provide the necessary  non 
> -linear noise analysis, and do not have real live examples with test data.  
> Cerda's "Understanding Quartz Crystals and Oscillators book I have not  seen.

You don't have to look then. There are very few people who actually looked
at the noise in oscillator circuits and tried to optimize it. You and
Poddar are definitely those who wrote most about it. Then comes probably
Enrico. One can find a paper here and there analysing different noise
sources, but never a complete treaty.

The lack of noise/non-linear analysis does not mean you cannot learn
from those books, though. They are good books to learn from on how to
build an oscillator. Once that is achieved, one can learn how to make
it low noise by reading your books :-)

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