[time-nuts] Has anybody checked this? GPSDO in kit

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 30 13:48:55 EDT 2016

No,  the 4 pin connector is at RS-232 levels.  It connects to an RS-232 level converter chip.  These "UCCM" devices speak SCPI at 57600,8,N,1   I have Lady Heather talking to them (soon to be released, I promise).  I have tested it with four different firmware versions (all have some slight differences).

Most of the NMEA data sent from the receiver is proprietary Furuno commands. KO4BB.COM has a manual for the receiver...


Looking at the fifth picture on the ebay link, at the top left corner next to the SMA connector just below R13 is a vertical row of holes. That is the main serial connection and it is at TTL levels. 

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