[time-nuts] Hobbyist grade or homebrew temperature testing chamber?

Brent Gordon time-nuts at adobe-labs.com
Tue Sep 6 00:20:32 EDT 2016

There are cheap GC (gas chromatograph) ovens on eBay.  They are 
well-insulated and give you fast, precise temperature control. Some of 
them are designed with a liquid nitrogen input for cooling.  Otherwise, 
you can use dry ice.  I saw one mentioned on one of the mailing lists I 
read, maybe this one, a few months ago.  I meant to buy one, but got 
side-tracked.  Unfortunately, I can no longer recall the brand.


On 9/5/2016 8:48 PM, Richard (Rick) Karlquist wrote:
> As we all know, step #1 in making a clock is NOT
> to build a thermometer :-)
> I thought I would check the brain trust here to see
> if anyone has seen a hobbyist grade temperature
> testing chamber or kit or homebrew design.  I
> have some crystals, oscillators, and other
> electronics I would like to characterize over
> temperature.  I know this reflector has discussed
> homebrew stabilization ovens; however, they
> have tended to have very long time constants
> (which makes sense for that application).  I
> need to be able to change temperature in a
> reasonable amount of time, and I don't need
> extreme stability.  Looking for any ideas,
> maybe in the "maker" spirit.  I think the
> size I need would be perhaps 1/2 the size
> of a shoebox.
> BTW, in case someone has a chamber to sell,
> let me know...
> Rick Karlquist N6RK

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