[time-nuts] Lucent RFTFm-II-XO- Lady Heather question-having issues

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 24 19:30:29 EDT 2016

Version 4.0 does not work with anything but TSIP (Trimble) type receivers.  The next release (v 4.10?) will work with all sorts of receivers.   It will also compile for Windows, Linux, and now macOS (aka OS/X)  (using XQuartz as the X11 server).

If you can compile a Linux C program,  macOS (using XCode command line tools), or Windows (using Visual Studio, including the free version),   I can email you the latest source code to try.  Contact me off-list.  For Windows, you should first install the current 4.0 release to get the WIN VFX dll library and makefile.  

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