[time-nuts] Lucent RFTFm-II-XO- Lady Heather question-having issues

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 24 20:20:39 EDT 2016

I forgot to mention that you can also configure Lady Heather by editing the heather.cfg file.   You can place the command line options that you want to use, one per line, in this file.   The options must start in column 1 and begin with a '/' or '-', otherwise they will be considered as comments.  (command line options can start with either a '/' or a '-'  whichever you prefer)

The order that command line options are processed are:
   1)  default values hard coded in the program
   2) the default heather.cfg file
   3) the command line (or icon preferences setting).
   4) from the keyboard once Heather starts using the '/' key.

You can also read in a .cfg file from the "R" keyboard menu or the /h= command line option.  You should not use /h in a .cfg file since  config files do not nest.   

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