[time-nuts] CXR Larus STS 54500 Synchronus Timing System

Bill breed at otelco.net
Sun Apr 2 19:32:58 EDT 2017

Hi ,

I have two STS 54500 systems.

System 1 consists of:

1. GPS CLOCK       ST3E/LN HLD    Model 54591
2. ClOCK               STE3    T/H        Model 54522
3.INPUT T1                                     Model 54511
4. ALARM                                       Model 54560 
5. IMU                                            Model 54550
6. O/P T1                                        Model 54571
7. OUTPUT NTS                              Model 54580
8. STS 54500 card rack

System 2 consists of:

1. GPS CLOCK       ST3E/LN HLD    Model 54591
2  ALARM                                       Model 54560 
3. IMU                                            Model 54550
4. O/P T1                                        Model 54571
5. OUTPUT NTS                              Model 54580
6. STS 54500 card rack

The card rack weigh ~ 17 Lbs with the cards ~ 1.5 lbs each.
The systems are of very good  to excellent  cosmetic condition.
I have no info on their operational condition, but from their looks, I suspect they work.
There are no burns, dents or cut and jumpers.

I am asking $ 470.00 for system 1 and $ 370.00 for system 2. This includes shipping in contentinal US. Free shipping. No foreign.
Search CXR Larus on Ebay and you will see that this is a great price. Ebay is asking that much for one card.
If no response in two weeks, I plan on putting on Ebay.

If you are interested, contact me offline. I can send pictures.

Bill Reed
breed at otelco.net

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