[time-nuts] Oscillator Maker is hiring

David Tang dtang at sitime.com
Mon Apr 3 13:29:27 EDT 2017

Dear Time Enthusiasts,

SiTime, makers of MEMS-based oscillators, is hiring for multiple groups.  My group in particular is hiring Systems Characterization Engineers.  We get to characterize and integrate the guts (e.g. MEMS, regulators, pll, oscillators circuits, etc) to make products that push the envelope of size, power, and performance.  In my group, you will get to know how our clocks work and see everything (down to the physics) underneath the hood.  You will get paid to make great timing devices.

Other groups, such as circuit design, Marketing, and Operations, are also hiring.  Please contact me if you are interested - even in positions in other groups.  dtang at sitime.com<mailto:dtang at sitime.com>

Best regards,

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