[time-nuts] Conversion of Stanford PRS10 to RS-232 Communication

Philip Jackson TimeNuts at philipjackson.com
Mon Apr 3 16:05:04 EDT 2017

I understand that the PRS10 Rubidium units either talk to the host
device via a RS-232 serial command language or via analog values using
the same set of pins in both cases.

The manual says that internal jumpers can be used to switch between
communication modes.

I have a PRS10 that is set for analog working and would like to switch
it over to RS-232 mode.

A cursory peek inside the case with no disassembly doesn't reveal any
simple jumpers/headers that might be used to flip formats.

Does anyone know how the format can be changed?

The manual doesn't say anything more than there are jumpers inside that
can be changed.

Many thanks


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