[time-nuts] Line Frequeny Stablity

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Wed Apr 5 09:01:52 EDT 2017

On 4/4/17 2:28 PM, Thomas D. Erb wrote:
> Thanks for the info.
> So that tells me how data is recorded - but not how the frequency is kept stable ?
> Is the line frequency now directly tied to GPS clock - with no drift ?

The line frequency is adjusted, for the most part, by adjusting the 
prime power (steam valves, dam penstocks, etc.) on the generators at 
power stations. That changes the speed, slightly, although as generator 
1 of N starts to get ahead, the electrical load increases, and it slows 

It's actually a pretty complex system, since there are a whole raft of 
"spring constants" in between the multiple generators in a system, 
there's phase shifts due to transmission line inductance and capacitance.

"Stabilizing" a system in the face of changing demand is a non-trivial task.

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