[time-nuts] 32768Hz oscillator using AT-cut crystal

Tim Shoppa tshoppa at gmail.com
Mon Apr 10 10:53:32 EDT 2017

Now, this is neat, and I'm not surprised that it's manufactured by Seiko. A
32768Hz oscillator chip that uses a 16MHz-range AT-cut crystal for a
completely different temperature curve than you'd get from a tuning fork
crystal: http://www.npc.co.jp/en/news/release/2012/11/28/78/

The principle of the MM5369 lives on, almost half a century later! That was
a chip that started with a 3.579MHz colorburst crystal and made 60Hz out.
MM5369 was discontinued decades ago, NTSC is dead for several years, but
3.579MHz crystals still readily available I see.

Tim N3QE

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